Embedding Intelligence Throughout Your Marketing Organization: New Techniques for Marketing Data Ana

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    Event: Embedding Intelligence Throughout Your Marketing Organization:
    New Techniques for Marketing Data Analysis
    Presenter(s) Info: Michael Berry, Data Miners, Inc
    Anthony Rowe, Product Manager, InforSense
    Host: Dave Menninger, VP Marketing & Product Management, InforSense
    Date: 26 June 2007
    Time: 12:00 ET
    Duration: 1 hour including Q&A

    Join Michael Berry, author and one of the world's foremost experts in
    data analysis, to learn about some of the latest techniques pioneered
    by Michael and his colleagues to improve marketing data analysis. Hear
    how these techniques can enable your organization gain a competitive

    Customer Lifetime Value - Most approaches to modeling lifetime value
    are retrospective. Learn how to combine an estimate of the customer's
    remaining tenure with an estimate of his or her spending rate to
    predict future value.
    Attrition Modeling - Newspapers would like to predict who will cancel
    their subscriptions. So would wireless telephone companies. So would
    long distance companies. Learn how attrition modeling can be improved
    with these new techniques.
    Time to Next Purchase - In non-subscription businesses, there is no
    clear indication of whether a customer has been lost or is just taking
    a long time between purchases. Learn how to model the time to next
    Following Michael's presentation learn why better analytics are not
    sufficient on their own. See how leading organizations deploy these
    types of analytics into production throughout their business processes
    to maximize the value of their analytical efforts.

    Register Here: http://www.inforsense.com/index.php?id=166

    About InforSense
    InforSense Ltd., the leading provider of embedded enterprise
    analytics, enables organizations to orchestrate and optimize their
    business-critical decision-making processes. Leading pharmaceutical
    and biotechnology, consumer goods, healthcare, financial services,
    manufacturing and communications companies are using the company's
    flagship product, InforSense, to enhance productivity by embedding
    analytics within their business processes. The company is privately
    held, with European headquarters in London, UK and North American
    headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    For questions on the webcast please e-mail

    InforSense Ltd
    Colet Court,
    100 Hammersmith Road,
    London, W6 7JP
    United Kingdom InforSense - North America
    155 Second Street,
    Cambridge, MA 02141


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    amatern, Jun 8, 2007
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