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Discussion in 'microsoft.public.sqlserver.datamining' started by Saxman, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Saxman

    Saxman Guest

    Basically, I very much a novice regarding datamining. My interest is in
    horseracing statistics.

    At the moment I am using Office 2010 beta and have installed the data
    mining tools.

    However, as most of you probably know, one needs to have SQL Enterprise
    installed and running in order to make use of the add-on.

    I have installed SQL Enterprise 2008 (free) edition, but cannot get the
    add-on to work.

    I have searched and searched the web and it is riddled with SQL
    Enterprise problems. Some users have workarounds to get the software to

    My PC is a 32 bit and I am operating Windows 7 and Office 2010 beta.

    Can anybody tell me what software I have to install and in what order to
    get this add-on to work in my situation?

    At least Windows 7 comes with the .NET Framework.

    I am about to give up on this software. It appears to be riddled with
    bugs and incomprehensible to the average user methinks.

    Saxman, Mar 23, 2010
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  2. The configuration you have should work. However, I understand the problems
    you have. We're working on a solution to the problem but it's not available
    as of yet. You can fill out the survey at to find more
    information about the future of the data mining addins.
    Jamie MacLennan, Apr 7, 2010
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