install/configure SQL Server 2000, SQL Server CE for merge replica

Discussion in 'microsoft.public.sqlserver.ce' started by Steven808, May 20, 2005.

  1. Steven808

    Steven808 Guest

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to connect to my SQL database and
    import it into a pocket pc. I've tried so many different settings and
    configurations that I don't know where I am going wrong. I've been trying to
    connect to the database from a Pocket PC 2002 emulator. I'm able to view the
    sscesa20.dll from the emulator and that's about as good as it gets. But I
    keep getting these errors:

    Initializing SQL Server Reconciler has failed
    The process could not connect to Distributor
    SQL Server does not exist or access denied OR Login Failed for user

    I'm using C# to try and connect to the DB and below is the code I'm using to
    try and sync the database, you can match these against the SERVER SIDE data

    ssceConn = new SqlCeConnection();
    replication = new SqlCeReplication();

    replication.Publisher = "VIT\VIT";
    replication.PublisherLogin = "VIT\sa";
    replication.PublisherPassword = blank;
    replication.InternetUrl = "";
    replication.InternetLogin = "VIT\IUSR_VIT";
    replication.InternetPassword = "mypassword";
    replication.Subscriber = "Northwind";
    replication.Publication = "NorthwindProducts";
    replication.PublisherDatabase = "Northwind";
    strDataSource = "\NorthwindDB.sdf";
    ssceConn.ConnectionString = "Data Source =" + strDataSource;
    replication.SubscriberConnectionString =
    "Provider=Microsoft.SQLSERVER.OLEDB.CE.2.0;Data Source=" + strDataSource;


    I've listed the steps below what I've been doing to try and get this to
    work. I might be doing things out of order or I'm forgetting steps, so
    please critique my steps taken:

    Installation Steps:
    1) Install Windows Server 2003
    a) computer name: VIT
    2) Install IIS 6
    3) Install SQL Server 2000 Dev edition.
    a) Installation Definition: Server and Client Tools
    b) Instance Name: VIT
    c) Service Settings: Use a Domain User Account
    d) Authentication Mode: Mixed Mode; and I left the sa password
    blank for now.
    4) Installed SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3a
    5) Installed SQL Server CE 2.0 Server Tools for Service Pack 3a

    Configuration Steps:
    1) Database Login for SQL Server Enterprise Manager:
    a) Created a new login account for VIT\IUSR_VIT in the VIT\VIT
    SQL Server Group
    b) General Tab: Selected Windows Authentication, Domain VIT,
    Database: Northwind.
    c) Database Access Tab: Check Permit box for Northwind Database
    with user IUSR_VIT

    Create Snapshot folder steps:
    1) Create folder C:\Snapshot
    2) Share the folder as "MySnapshot"
    3) Set Permissions to allow everyone read and write permissions.

    Create publication Steps:
    1) In SQL Server Enterprise Manager's Microsoft SQL Servers->SQL Server
    Group->VIT\VIT->Replication->Publication folder.
    2) Right click Publication and select New Publication, the wizard starts.
    a) Select option: Make 'VIT\VIT' it's own Distributor.
    b) Select option: Yes, configure the SQL Server Agent Service to
    Start Automatically.
    c) Snapshot folder: \\VIT\MySnapshot
    d) Publication Database: Northwind
    e) Publication type: Merge publication
    f) Subscriber Type: Device running SQL Server CE
    g) Specify Articles: I just chose the Products Object.
    h) Articles Issues: Uniqueidentifier columns will be added to
    i) Publication Name: NorthwindProducts
    j) Properties of Publication: No, Create the publisher as

    Configure permissions for publication steps:
    1) In SQL Server Enterprise Manager's Microsoft SQL Servers->SQL Server
    2) Right click Northwind and select properties:
    a) Publication Access List tab: Add User VIT\IUSR_VIT

    Configure IIS steps (fyi: I'm doing this manually because when I use the
    SQL Server CE Wizard, it puts the virtual directory under the wrong webpage):
    1) Create new folder: C:\NorthwindCE
    2) Copy and paste sscesa20.dll into that folder.
    3) Start IIS 6.0
    4) Right click my web site and select New->Virtual Directory.
    a) Alias: Northwind
    b) Path: C:\NorthwindCE
    c) Permissions: Read, Execute, Write, Browse. (These are set
    to this just for testing, so I can see if I can browse the folder from IE)
    5) Right Click the new virtual directory, NorthwindCE and click properties.
    a) Directory Security Tab-> Authentication and access control->
    Edit: Enable Anonymous Access.
    b) User: VIT\IUSR_VIT
    c) Password: mypassword
    6) Register sscesa20.dll

    Double check Windows Server 2003 configurations:
    1) Services:
    a) Make sure that MSSQL$VIT service starts automatically and
    that it's set to a windows account and not local system.
    a) Make sure that SQLAgent$VIT service starts automatically and
    that it's set to a windows account and not local system.

    Double check SQL Server Enterprise manager configuration:
    1) VIT\VIT Server properties
    a) Security tab: Make sure SQL Server and Windows
    Authentication is selected.
    2) NorthwindProducts:Northwind Publicatio properties
    a) Snapshot location: Make sure it's set to \\VIT\MySnapshot

    That's basically all the steps that I've taken to try and get this to work.
    This is all new to me, I've never developed in C# and I've never used SQL
    Server, so please point out all my beginner mistakes and things I might have
    over looked. Oh, one more thing, the client side is being done on a Windows
    XP box with Visual Studio .NET 2003. And the server is a seperate box
    running everything else, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2000, SQL Server CE
    2.0, and IIS 6.0.

    Thanks for taking the time to read all of that, I hope this will be a simple
    solution....however, I doubt it. Have a good one!

    Steven808, May 20, 2005
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  2. check the replication monitor in SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager
    and verify that a snapshot was successfully created.
    Darren Shaffer
    ..NET Compact Framework MVP
    Principal Architect
    Connected Innovation
    Darren Shaffer, May 20, 2005
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  3. Steven808

    Steven808 Guest


    I checked the replication monitor and it says that the snapshot was
    successfully created.

    Publication: NorthwindProducts
    Publisher: VIT\VIT
    PublisherDB: Northwind
    Status: Succeeded
    Last Action: A snapshot of 1 article(s) was generated.

    Thanks, I had not verified that previously. But it seems that the snapsot
    was created.
    Steven808, May 21, 2005
  4. Steven808

    Steven808 Guest

    I was wondering what the significance is to sharing the snapshot folder.
    Does the Pocket PC directly access the shared folder? And if so, does it
    have to be in the same workgroup? I have not worked with Pocket PC's before
    so I'm not sure what rules they follow. Because it seems that the only
    connection that is being made is to the folder that contains the sscesa20.dll
    in it.

    Also would I need to send the servers name "VIT" along with my user name to
    get authenticated?

    Thanks for any help that can be provided.

    Steven808, May 21, 2005
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