Merge replication hanging

Discussion in 'microsoft.public.sqlserver.ce' started by darren, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. darren

    darren Guest

    I am using a dynamic merge replication with SQL Server 2K and SQL CE 2.0 on
    an HPC 2000 device. I have everything working just fine except for one very
    odd problem. If I use a script to clear every table in the published
    database, refill the published database and then sync the HPC device without
    having an existing subscription then proper partitioned data makes it to the
    CE database fine; however when I try to push the modified data back to the
    server the CEMerge Run method never returns (app hangs). The modified data
    does make it back to the server but the app hangs.

    If I use SQL CE 1.0 I don't have this problem. If I first create a
    subscription using SQL CE 1.0, I don't have a problem from then on using
    If I Ctrl-Alt-Del the HPC device when it hangs, delete the .sdf and rerun
    the app, all works fine from that point on.

    Could this have something to do with how the initial snapshot is handled?

    Thanks for any help
    darren, Jul 4, 2003
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