Discussion in 'microsoft.public.sqlserver.datamining' started by anonymous_user, May 23, 2007.

  1. I want to create a mining structure using a cube programmatically
    All the examples I found use as a source a datasourceview to build the mining structure.
    But we built a cube using a datasourceview and the next step is to build the mining structure using the cube.
    Can anyone help me ?
    anonymous_user, May 23, 2007
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  2. Here is an example that:
    - uses Analysis Management Objects (AMO, Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll) to
    manipulate Analysis Services objects
    - creates a mining structure bound to a cube and not a relational data

    The code adds only 3 columns to the mining structure, and creates no model.
    The code for creating models inside a cube-based structure is the same as
    for a relational -based structure.

    using Microsoft.AnalysisServices;

    Server srv = new Server();

    Database db = srv.Databases["Adventure Works DW"];

    MiningStructure ms = db.MiningStructures.Add("CubeStruct");

    string dataSourceId = ".";
    string cubeId = "Adventure Works DW";
    string dimensionId = "Dim Customer";
    ms.Source = new CubeDimensionBinding(dataSourceId, cubeId, dimensionId);

    // Add a key column
    ScalarMiningStructureColumn keyColumn = ms.Columns.Add("Dim Customer", "Dim
    keyColumn.IsKey = true;
    keyColumn.Type = MiningStructureColumnTypes.Text;
    keyColumn.Content = MiningStructureColumnContents.Key;
    string keyAttributeId = "Dim Customer";
    keyColumn.Source = new CubeAttributeBinding(cubeId, dimensionId,
    keyAttributeId, AttributeBindingType.All);

    // Add two scalar columns
    ScalarMiningStructureColumn column = ms.Columns.Add("Commute Distance",
    "Commute Distance");
    column.Type = MiningStructureColumnTypes.Text;
    column.Content = MiningStructureColumnContents.Discrete;
    string attributeId = "Commute Distance";
    column.Source = new CubeAttributeBinding(cubeId, dimensionId, attributeId,

    column = ms.Columns.Add("House Owner Flag", "House Owner Flag");
    column.Type = MiningStructureColumnTypes.Text;
    column.Content = MiningStructureColumnContents.Discrete;
    attributeId = "House Owner Flag";
    column.Source = new CubeAttributeBinding(cubeId, dimensionId, attributeId,


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    purposes only.

    Bogdan Crivat [MSFT], May 23, 2007
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