Multiple connections from single source

Discussion in 'microsoft.public.sqlserver.dts' started by ChrisElias271, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Hi.

    I'm relatively new to DTS and SQL server 2000 and use it for
    temporarily importing data sets for analysis of customer data ect.

    I have been asked to work on some data that comes packaged in 27 fixed
    width files to make up the complete quaterly extract.

    I have written an import DTS package that uses 27 seperate bulk import
    tasks to import that data using a common format file.

    There are 90million rows in total with 60 fields. It takes around 34
    minutes to create the table and fill it with the data through a single
    connection, all on a local PC workstation.

    I've tried duplicating the connection in the DTS package and re
    configuring the Bulk Import task into 3 threads each using a seperate
    connection. I was hoping to speed up the import by sharing the 27
    files across 3 connections. I have xeon 4 core processor and enough
    memory but it doesn't work, Ie make any quicker.

    Presumably because it can only read a single file at a time from the

    Would a SSD solve this problem?
    ChrisElias271, Jan 18, 2012
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