ole db connections from Office apps to sql ce 3.5

Discussion in 'microsoft.public.sqlserver.ce' started by dev, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. dev

    dev Guest

    I am trying to connect and query data into Excel and/or MS Access from a
    newly installed/created sql server compact instance and I seem to get
    nowhere. The only thing that works is the 2008 SQL Management Studio and VS
    2008 but I would like to perform simple data entry in MS Access via linked
    tables and query data for simple reports into Excel.
    There is no OLE DB provider showing in any of the data connection screens
    (neither via Excel nor anywhere else in the non-Visual Studio/ssms world).
    Am I doing something wrong ?
    The O/S is Vista 64bit.
    dev, Aug 17, 2009
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  2. Ginny Caughey, Aug 17, 2009
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  3. dev

    dev Guest

    Thank you Ginny. I was hoping the coding could be avoided but the information
    in the samples is very helpful.
    dev, Aug 17, 2009
  4. dev

    ErikEJ Guest

    ErikEJ, Aug 18, 2009
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