Postdoctoral Research Fellow Positions in Machine Learning and DataMining at KAUST

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    Postdoctoral Research Fellow Positions in Machine Learning
    and Data Mining at KAUST

    Appointments Available Immediately

    ----Job Description----

    Several Postdoc positions are available in Data Mining and Machine
    Learning research group in Division of Mathematics and Computer
    and Engineering (MCSE) at King Abdullah University of Science and
    Technology (KAUST) located on Red Sea shore. Candidates with
    experience in one or more of the following research areas are invited
    to apply: machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence,
    databases, neural computing, statistics, high performance computing,
    cloud/grid computing, anomaly detection, intrusion detection,
    and internet security and recommender systems.

    Candidates need to hold an earned Ph.D. (or be near completion) in
    computer science or in a related field with good programming skills
    in C/C++/Java/Matlab. Successful candidates will be self-motivated
    and are expected to have a good publication record and good command
    of English. The position holders will perform interdisciplinary
    shape research directions, produce and disseminate results through
    publications, coordinate research projects and help to supervise
    and M.S students.

    Our group has solid collaborations with a number of international
    centers. The candidates will have a chance to stay for a period at
    T.J. Watson Research Center (New York), at Texas A&M University (with
    Prof. Jianhua Huang, College Station, TX), or at INRIA/University
    Paris-Sud 11 (Paris) to perform joint research.

    The PostDoc positions are for 1 to 3 years.

    ----KAUST offers----

    - Very competitive tax exemption salary and benefit package (e.g.,
    high-standards fully furnished houses, health insurance, free
    education at
    KAUST international schools for children, and 30 days of paid
    per year).
    - Sufficient funding support (e.g., conference attendance and
    trip support).
    - State-of-the-art research facilities, including one of the fastest
    supercomputers in the world (IBM BlueGene, 64000 cores, 64TB RAM),
    a word-class visualization center.
    - Collaboration (including exchange visits and internships) with top
    institutions such as Stanford, Berkeley, Cambridge, Imperial
    IBM Watson, INRIA, and others.
    - Vibrant campus life and impressive recreational facilities that
    a private beach,
    marina and golf course.


    Interested applicants are invited to submit their application
    electronically to
    Prof. Xiangliang Zhang () with a detailed
    professional Curriculum Vita (including educational background,
    experience, and a list of publications). Successful candidates will be
    contacted to provide more documents (e.g., two or three recommendation
    and a brief statement of research interests/plans). Applications will
    be handled in strict confidentiality. KAUST is an equal opportunity

    Deadline: Review of applications will begin immediately. We have
    openings for
    annual positions. This post is valid all year long and the positions
    remain open until filled.

    ----About KAUST----

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an
    , graduate-level research university supported by a multi-billion
    endowment. With sufficient research funding, highly competitive and
    compensation scheme, state-of-art core facilities, supercomputing
    (for KAUST's Shaheen Supercomputer see
    university leadership's vision and commitment to make KAUST one of the
    greatest academic institutions, KAUST has attracted a large group of
    internationally recognized talents. Furthermore, through a Global
    Partnership, KAUST has built up deep and meaningful partnerships with
    world's most premier institutions (e.g., Stanford University,
    of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC), The University of Oxford, UC
    Cornell University, University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M
    University) and
    biggest companies (e.g., IBM, Boeing, Dow Chemical Company), which
    KAUST researchers ample opportunities to work with the world's most
    scientists and to commercialize their research projects. The
    unrivaled resources available to KAUST researchers offer
    opportunities for young scientists to build up their career at KAUST.
    Further information about KAUST can be found at:
    Machine Learning KDD, Sep 14, 2011
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