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Discussion in 'microsoft.public.sqlserver.clients' started by Adam Raff, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. Adam Raff

    Adam Raff Guest

    Hi, this is a newbie question that I hope somebody can help me with this,
    but first a bit of back ground

    I am running SQL 2000 with SP3a on a Windows 2000 Server. Our clients are
    running Windows XPsp1. When I install the client part, (I just need to
    connect to our server) I put the SQL CD into the CD Rom drive and go through
    the install. Since my client is XP I can not install SQL but it allows me
    to install the Client or Client and tools. I just install the Client part
    of the program, and I am able to connect to our SQL server.

    My question is this, I know that we need to install a SP on the server side
    but I can't figure out how to install or what to install on the Client side.
    I have tried to install the three SP which are SQL2Kasp3, SQL2Kdesksp3 and
    sql2ksp3. Only one of these seemed to do anything but when I compared the
    MDAC or ODBC drivers to a plain WinXPSP1 they appear to be the same
    (versions). So what do I need to bring my clients up to date and how do I
    do it?

    Adam Raff
    Adam Raff, Aug 3, 2004
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  2. Do all of your clients need the SQL Server client tools? If not, simply
    installing the latest MDAC should be enough to connect to SQL Server (from a
    custom built or third party app).

    I would extract the files from sql2ksp3.exe and run setup.bat.
    You can check to see that the service pack was installed by looking at MDAC.
    Another method: compare the before and after from Help | About via Query
    Keith Kratochvil, Aug 3, 2004
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  3. Adam Raff

    Neil Pike Guest

    Adam - sql2ksp3 - will upgrade the SQL client side. However, most of this is
    for the gui/admin tools rather than for SQL drivers and the like.

    If you wanted to upgrade MDAC, then you can download MDAC 2.8 from the MS

    Neil Pike MVP/MCSE. Protech Computing Ltd
    Reply here - no email
    SQL FAQ (484 entries) see
    ( in lib 7)
    Neil Pike, Aug 3, 2004
  4. Adam Raff

    Adam Raff Guest

    Neil and Keith thanks for you input,
    All that our users need is connectivity so they do not need tools. If the
    connectivity just involves the MDAC then I will download the newest mdac
    files which I believe is 2.8. Is there anything else involved or installed
    besides the mdac drivers please let me know?

    Adam Raff, Aug 3, 2004
  5. For connectivity MDAC is all you need.
    Keith Kratochvil, Aug 3, 2004
  6. Adam Raff

    Adam Raff Guest

    Thanks for your help in this matter.

    Adam Raff, Aug 4, 2004
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