SQL Server 2005 Transactional Replication Question

Discussion in 'microsoft.public.sqlserver.replication' started by Don, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Don

    Don Guest

    Hi All,

    We have a SAAS using IIS 6 and SQL Server 2005 in a centralized host
    environment. We'd like to replicate to a remote site. The remote site has a
    DNS switch. The URL will come into the remote DNS switch and redirect to th
    central host. The central host replicates back to remote host.

    If the remote DNS switch detects central host is down, then redirection is
    halted and servicing occurs at remote web server and remote sql server. When
    DNS detects central host is back, then rediretion occurs and replication
    between remote host and central host occurs. Once synch'd, central to remote
    host replication begins.

    Is this a valid strategy? Should we be using transactional replication?
    Any gotcha's we need to be aware of?


    Don, Nov 3, 2006
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