SSIS Row Counts Before and After Processing

Discussion in 'microsoft.public.sqlserver.dts' started by robboll, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. robboll

    robboll Guest

    Hello SSIS Gurus! I am putting together an SSIS job that dumps and
    repopulates a delimited record source nightly, but there is nothing in
    the data source with a date stamp or anything that I can use to check
    if the data that I am importing has changed from the previous data

    So I thought that if nothing else I could do a row count comparison
    capturing to a variable the row count of the data before the data
    refresh, and the row count after. The processes that occur with this
    table will certainly render different row counts if new data is
    actually loaded. The problem is that counting the records takes too

    Someone suggested that I run the stored procedure: sp_spaceused before
    the load and after the load to compare the results. It does a quick
    return with the correct count and looks like this:

    exec sp_spaceused 'MyTable'

    name rows reserved data
    index_size unused
    MyTable 807208 807248 KB 807216 KB 8
    KB 24 KB

    My question is in an SSIS job, how is it possible to capture just the
    number of rows into a variable?

    Thanks for any help with this!

    robboll, Jun 15, 2010
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