SSRS 2014 - Force Link in Subscription to Include Default Parameters

Discussion in 'General MSSQL Discussion' started by Craig, May 19, 2017.

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    May 19, 2017
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    am trying to use the SSRS subscriptions to generate an email to
    include a link to a report. The email should contain a URL of the
    web link looks like <server-name>/reportserver?/Reporting/MSSReport&reportDate=11/11/2008.

    As you can see, the URL contains the “reportDate” parameter that
    allows SSRS to generate the report for the current date (i.e. the date
    of mailing).

    I would like to use the report’s subscription schedule to generate
    this email on a weekly basis. E.g. the email send out the next time
    would be:
    web link looks like <server-name>/reportserver?/Reporting/MSSReport&reportDate=11/18/2008

    If I setup the reportDate parameter to use a non-queried default value
    of “=Today” and then configure the report subscription to use this
    default value, unfortunately, the reportDate parameter is hidden and
    is not included in the report URL link. If the email recipient clicks
    on the report link today, they get the correct report. But if they are
    away from work and only click on the link a week later, they get the
    report for that day and not the day that the email was originally

    Is there any way to force a default parameter to appear in the email

    Alternatively, if the “Use Default” checkbox is un-checked for the
    report subscription, you can enter a date that *is* included in the
    report URL, however the date used is static and doesn’t role forward
    for the next week.

    Thanks for you help
    Craig, May 19, 2017
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