Text Analytics World Topics & Case Studies - Oct 19-20 in NYC

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    Hi everyone,

    Announcing Text Analytics World Topics and Case Studies in NYC. More
    info below.

    Text Analytics World NYC (tawgo.com) is the business-focused event for
    text analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners.
    This conference delivers case studies, expertise and resources to
    leverage unstructured data for business impact.

    Text Analytics World NYC is packed with the top predictive analytics
    experts, practitioners, authors and business thought leaders,
    including keynote addresses from Thomas Davenport, author of Competing
    on Analytics: The New Science of Winning, David Ferrucci from IBM
    Research on their Jeopardy-Winning Watson and DeepQA, and PAW Program
    Chair Eric Siegel, plus special sessions from industry heavy-weights
    Usama Fayyad and John Elder.

    TAW New York City will feature over 25 sessions with case studies form
    leading enterprises in automobile, educational, e-commerce, financial
    services, government, high technology, insurance, retail, social
    media, and telecom such as: Accident Fund, Amdocs, Bundle.com,
    Citibank, Florida State College, Google, Intuit, MetLife, Mitchell1,
    PayPal, Snap-on, Socialmediatoday, a Fortune 500 global technology
    company, plus special examples from U.S. government agencies DoD, DHS,
    and SSA.

    TAW New York City's agenda covers hot topics and advanced methods such
    as churn risk detection, customer service and call centers, decision
    support, document discovery, document filtering, financial indicators
    from social media, fraud detection, government applications, insurance
    applications, knowledge discovery, open question-answering,
    parallelized text analysis, risk profiling, sentiment analysis, social
    media applications, survey analysis, topic discovery, and voice of the
    customer and other innovative applications that benefit organizations
    in new and creative ways.

    WORKSHOPS: TAW also features a full-day, hands-on text analytics
    workshop, plus several other pre- and post-conference workshops in
    analytics that complement the core conference program. For more info:

    For more information: tawgo.com

    View the agenda at-a-glance: textanalyticsworld.com/newyork/2011/

    Register by September 2nd for Early Bird Rates (save up to $200):

    If you'd like our informative event updates, sign up at:

    To sign up for TAW group on LinkedIn:

    For inquiries e-mail or call (717)

    Predictive Analytics World for Government: Sept 12-13 in DC – www.pawgov.com
    Predictive Analytics World New York City: Oct 16-21 – www.pawcon.com/nyc
    Text Analytics World New York City: Oct 19-20 – www.tawgo.com/nyc
    Predictive Analytics World London: Nov 30-Dec 1 – http://www.pawcon.com/london
    Predictive Analytics World San Francisco: March 4-10, 2012 –
    Predictive Analytics World Videos: Available on-demand – www.pawcon.com/video
    EliseJ, Jul 26, 2011
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