Unicode SQL Statements translated according to OS default locale ???

Discussion in 'microsoft.public.sqlserver.odbc' started by dan tudor, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. dan tudor

    dan tudor Guest

    Hello everybody,

    My Environment:
    - W2K with SP3, English default locale and Central Europe language
    group installed ,
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3 - SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_Cl_AS

    I have a Unicode application connecting to SQL Server through ODBC.
    I created a database called şuţ (that is U+015F, U+0075,
    U+0163 something like "sut" with cedilla under "s" and under "t").
    When I try to "select name from sysdatabases" I get the correct
    If I try to use a parameterized statement, for example
    "insert into MyTable (ColName) values (?)" and I bind the parameter to
    the name specified above, everything is Ok.
    The problem is that if I try to execute a (prepared or direct)
    statement without parameters, like "use şuţ exec
    sp_spaceused", the statement gets translated (I verified with the SQL
    Profiler) into "use sut exec sp_spaceused" and it fails with error 911
    "Could not locate entry in sysdatabases for database ‘sut'. No entry
    found with that name. Make sure that the name is entered correctly."
    Again, I compiled my application as Unicode and the statements are
    Unicode strings, with the correct name

    How can avoid that translation?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    dan tudor, Jul 17, 2003
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